Competency Development Leader PROGRAM



This program covers all course materials offered in one bundle. The content provided will take 100+ hours of instruction along with assignments that will be used for building your program as well as being publishable if so desired.  Program acceptance is limited due to the customized nature of the program and only several are admitted into each quarterly annual cohort.   After successful completion of the course work and development of your program, you will become a competency development leader.  The methods, skills, and techniques that you will master under individual tutelage will propel your career as you master advanced pedagogy:  
  • Develop Specific Content Mastery for your Courses
  • Integrate Learning Theory, Technology and Practice
  • Implement the Latest Neuroscience of Learning Retention Methods
  • Master Techniques for Knowledge and Competency Assessment Tools
  • Develop and Utilize Instructional Methods and Learning Styles
  • Utilize Creativity and Ingenuity, Design, and Problem-Solving Methodologies
  • Build your Courses using Project, Cooperative, Gamification based methods
  We will work directly with you to customize your work and help you build your course, your curriculum, and your training business with the highest possible standards for the best possible use.